Power is single phase 240 volt hook-up with a 60 amp breaker.
The required area for setup is 20ft. x 20ft.
The Mechanical Bull breaks down into 4 separate pieces, and can easily be moved with the A & P "Bull Mover." They easily fit through a 36-inch door.
Maintenance is MINIMAL. There are 5 grease zirks and 1 oil filter. Filer will need to be changed once every year.
Simple Operation! It takes approximately 1 hour of training with a competent operator, and they will know everything necessary to run the machine.
Available insurance: there are 3 different agents from Coast to Coast.
Set up & delivery are available with the purchase of the Bull.

Prices include:

   Bull Body Mechanical Bull: $15,000 (NO HEAD)
   Safety Air Bag: $2,000

   Bull Body w/ Head, Hump, & Tail: $17,000
   Safety Air Bag: $2,000

***Delivery price depends on location.
***Idaho Sales Tax is 6%.

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