We sell a complete line of parts for A & P Mechanical Bulls. This includes gears, gear boxes, chains, legs, and more. Below is a detailed list of other parts that we sell for the bulls.

Head Hides These are made of REAL bull hide. They're available in any color, and pre-sewn to fit A & P Bulls. They can be stapled on in less than 20 minutes.
Riding Pads Left and right riding pads made by A & P for A & P Bulls. They're padded 3 times for comfort on the hand and wrist. They're made of 100% leather, and are VERY durable.
Tails Made from REAL bull hide.
Balls Made from REAL bull hide.
Flashing Eyes These are available in red or blue, and come with battery operated movement.
Air Safety Bags Your choice of a square bag (17.5ft. x 17.5ft.) or an octagon bag (17.5ft x 17.5ft.). These two bags are both built with the same baffling system that gives them a flat appearance and a boxed side. Our bags are made with extreme workmanship. They're double-sewed and triple-sewed in stress areas. Our bags have a cover over the top and sides that keeps the main part of the bags clean. The cover also ensures an extended life of the bag. Covers are also sold separately and available in several different colors. They are flame retardent upon request.


Walls Single or 2-tier available
Constant Air Fans Available from A & P Mechanical Bulls. Call for info.

Call us for more information on any of these parts, or for custom fit areas and pricing at (208) 432-6118.

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