If you're looking for the PERFECT way to entertain your crowd, A&P Mechanical Bulls will bring a bull straight to your event! Whether it's a fair, convention, dance, bar, or rodeo, we have a bull that's sure to bring hours of fun to your event! A&P Equipment will arrive to your event with a brand new or like-new bull (depending on your preference), fully equipped with a bag. Since we manufacture the bulls, we KNOW you'll get top quality when you rent or lease one of our bulls. And these bulls aren't just ANY mechanical bulls - they're INCREDIBLY realistic. Each bull comes with a REAL, AUTHENTIC HEAD. It's covered with bull hide, and looks just like a real bull! We've also covered every aspect of saftey. Feel secure in knowing that your event guests will enjoy an incredibly safe experience when riding the bull. Contact us for pricing and more details at (208) 432-6118. Or, fill out the form below and we'll get back to you!

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